Full text of “Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851 “

Specimens of oil-cloths in various colours and patterns. Ornamented in gold and white, and coyered with silk. Throe chimney pieces carred in white marble. Merino fikbrics of all colours, manufactured for Mr. F. Various woollen cloths, woven with yam combed. Chandelier, with nine girandolca, coloured and gilt.

  • White thread for embroidering.
  • — Manufactured by Sadik Aoa, Constantinople.
  • Specimens of figured silks.
  • And of a lighter colour, but not stronger than the Gterman.

Specimens of cloth, including black Peruvian cloth. Cotton velvet of different kinds, dyed and printed. Drawing the supply of the raw material from abroad. Diseased silkworms, cured by the exhibitor’s method.

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Pelerine, exhibiting improred tamboured embroidtTy. Printing, and lithographic establishments in this country. Ton ; cotonades; ooutil«, cotton ; ginghams; handkerrliiefn. Ginghams, of different qualities and colours. Handkerchief of Tariout colours, simple and mixed. Kercliiefis of real batist« linen, made bj hand.

Of white lead, and mil into a fonsisleiic) . 136, — Medinnal herbs, produced in the nveiKj. Ready-cut smoklng-tobACCO. Coral ehaplets, irilh gold ornaments. 3 head ooveriiifi», gale, with bUtit.

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Wool and cotton, for wutcli springs, and other purposes. These metals come from England, Belgium, France, and various Slates of Germany, &c. Mat, made of tbe bark of a palni-tTpe, mixed with wool.

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Twiat ; and for trying the strength of cotton thread. Raw silks of different colours. Iron for musket barrels, prepared by the French method.

Charcoal prepared for the use of distillers and rectifiers. Specimens of potter’s day, and coloured earth ; ochre. Position ; toilet-glass ; t& same, in vdvet and gilt frame. Black varnishing colour, to be used with oil. To the more elegant but also more costly instnunenta of predsion. Some musical instruments are also shown.

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Scopical fineness of execution for the prevention of forgery. Gloves in process of nuinufacture. A piece of lawn kercliicfs and several pieces of linon. Specimens of printed cotton goods, for exportation. Specimena of shaded and printed silks for parasols.

Patent white thread; black thread. White thread for embroidering. email protection | cloudflare Of hand-spun yam, and exhibited for fabri’-anil durability.

This apparatus is represented on the next pige. Bracelets, brooch, and pendants, of milk-white colour. Produced to the king about 25,000 crowns a month. Cloths forex trading for beginners and fabrics), to Great Britain, Belgium, and France. She has abundance of other materials used as Ibod. A mantelpiece in marble with eight figiures of boys.

  • Ornamented with silver, with all appurtenances, in case.
  • Secondary, or prmting-plate, produced by gtdvanism.
  • Etwfl of glaiing with plates makes the paper trmnspapent.
  • Contain metallic quicksilver and crystals of cimialvr.
  • Specimena of shaded and printed silks for parasols.

Specimens of gelatine, in white and coloured leaves. Specimens of figured black and coloured lace. A collection of embroidered dresses and thaiwls in silk. Other woods, with gold, silver, and silver-gilt fittings.

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Of gold, silver, and copper beaters ; for bank notes, &c. Specimens of fine woollen and common fabrics. Silvcnxl plate glasses, with gilt and carved frames. Marbled, plain, coloured and fancr papers.

; and with welded and patent barrels. Samples of flax yam and raw Ravensberg sand-flax. From the oxide of zinc during the process of its formation. A scene from sacred histoiy carved in wood. Various pieces of tliin twilled cloth, and ladies’ cloth. Three portfolios, containing copperplate printed maps.

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This plough is represented in the annexed cut. An engraved gold plate, representing Swiss scenery. An enamel dial for cTiange, enclosed in a slieU box.

SnulT-boxes of tortoiscshcU ; and metal with pointings. With steel handles ; with handles british pound to swedish krona exchange rate of mother-of-pearl. Cloths of thin quality ; olive, bronze;, and invisible.

Will frequeiitly pass through more than sixty hands. Calibre, gold dome and dial, witli engraving. Double dials independent, with one set of wheels.

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